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Welcome to the new student's guide. Here you can find valuable advice for any new students left and curated by our many earlier students.

General Advice


Advice for Computer Science Majors

CS majors tips and tricks

General tips and tricks for all CS students by @Sleeptime on Discord

  • Take eecs 1015 instead of 1012 much better course and you'll learn a lot, learn web dev basics on your own after 1015
  • For calc 1 you can take 1013 or 1300 and for calc 2 you could take 1014 or 1310
    • take the one with the better prof always, not much difference between the 2 courses except 1300/1310 might have some proofs(but it might not be the case anymore, since apparently 1300 got buffed)
  • Try not to do 1019 and 1014/1310 in the same semester, they're the difficult 1st year courses
  • Check #math and #eecs pins for a tier list of profs in case you wanna know which prof is good, I made a tier for the profs you should avoid at all costs
  • DO NOT take EECS 2021 in a busy semester, by far the course with the heaviest workload in 2nd year
  • DO NOT take EECS 3311 and 3101 in the same semester, you will not have time
  • You can only do 3 EECS courses in a semester, plan wisely ( you can do 4 if your gpa is high enough and get permission)
  • you can either do a BA to avoid doing chem/bio/phys or a BSc. if you prefer huma/sosc/nats courses do a BA. BSc offers more choices for gen-eds
  • Math 1025/1021 is optional but it's not a very hard course. if you want to do 3d computer graphics and some other 4th/3rd years do it. very important for Machine Learning
  • When you're in 4th year you get to choose what EECS courses you wanna take so you can take the prerequisites 3rd years accordingly
  • If you didn't enjoy math 1019/1090 don't do 3401 lul
  • EECS 3421 is a very important 3rd year course even though it's optional
  • ML/Data Sci isn't all fun and games and it's mostly math, if you don't like math don't think about it
  • Make sure to take a good prof for eecs 2011/3101, they are the backbone of your degree
  • Spec. Hons. is pretty pointless, Spec. Hons. SDS is even more pointless just do normal hons
  • For a 3 year non hons bachelor you don't need math 2030

The Lassonde Computer Science Unofficial Guide

A detailed guide for CS students similar to one above by @chrisngyn on GitHub

Link to external page on GitHub

The sauce GitHub repository if anyone wanna contribute

The YorkU CS Courses Skill Tree (prerequisite list)

A course prerequisite graph aka "skill tree" for Computer Science courses at YorkU by @PresidentKevvol/@deep fried pancakes on GitHub/Discord

Link to external page on GitHub

The sauce GitHub repository if anyone wanna contribute

It has since been expanded into the project of CourseDelta, a site containing courses skill trees for all departments in YorkU.