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Over the years, SSADC had churned out many projects to serve the student body, here are a list of our projects.

SSADC Archives

Which is this site you're currently reading. It is a wiki archiving many information about our community that would otherwise be lost or disorganized. Members of the community are also free to add their bios here.


A site aimed to connect student to groupchats of their courses. It is a database hosting the invite links to group chats for each course uploaded by students. Maintained by @foobarbaz.

A site for student to provide ratings for individual courses similar to RateMyProfessor, it has since expanded to include courses in other universities. Maintained by @oopsidaisy.


A site aiming to help student visualize prerequisite relations between courses, it can also serve as an alternative to the school's official course website for its easy usage. Maintained by @deep fried pancakes.

Class Find Tool

A site aiming to help students find their way around York's campus. Maintained by @Isaac Kogan.


A site displaying usage schedules of classrooms in York and let users search for vacant rooms given a time period. Maintained by @deep fried pancakes.